The Ultimate Challenge Awaits…

If you wish to take back the Sacred Carrot and defeat the malicious Rad Ralph, then you’ll first need to defeat his Eight all-powerful lieutenants.

Sting Tooth

Whereas he may be the weakest of Rad Ralph’s eight lieutenants, this ancient Manticore still packs a capable sting. Old and still powerful, Sting Tooth will attack you with a dangerous combination of venomous stingers and a searing, blazingly hot breath assault.

Gold Tusk

Fat, greedy, and selfish; you’ll find this decadent elephant atop his mighty golden palace. Always one to enjoy the finer things in life, Gold Tusk can be slow to anger. So it’ll take some provoking to get this bloated monstrosity out of his throne room and into a fight. 

Laser Eye

Residing deep within the endless waters of the Marshes of Misery; Laser Eye sees all and hates all. Always ready to sizzle those foolish enough to challenge him; Laser Eye’s main central eye can emit a sizzling beam of light that melts anything it touches. It’s especially deadly to pigs.

Root Beard

Deep within the Forest of Lost Hope resides the ancient and mighty Root Beard. He’ll defend his forest with mighty crushing roots, razor-sharp leaves, and angry denizens of the forest  Half root, half beard, and all tree, this ancient Treant packs a bark infused bite. 

Jackie Jumps

The cold frozen Tundra of Torment is where you’ll meet the lightning-quick Jackie Jumps. Armed only with his trusty spear, Jackie Jumps will launch himself toward his foes from all angles of attack. Chester will need to keep on his toes to survive this ferocious bunny.

Storm Crow

From her nesting grounds atop Gloom Mist Peak, the crafty Storm Crow watches all. Eager to rip Chester apart with her deadly glaive and razor-sharp beak, she’ll swoop and dive across her nesting grounds in an endless attempt for the kill.  Only a few small ledges and Chester’s reflexes will be enough to save him from certain doom.

Willa Winds

High atop the land below, sits the Princess of Winds. It is said that Willa Winds is able to control the very power of Mother Nature herself. If pushed into a corner, Princess Willa will unleash the full wrath of Mother Nature down upon Chester, destroying any footholds with devastating lightning attacks.

Drago Dinn

Like a proper bad guy, Drago makes his lair deep within the belly of an active volcano. So not only will you need to deal with Drago himself, but the fiery anger of the volcano as well. With a fondness for making his foes “Dance”, Drago will do just that with his favored twin longswords.