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Chester’s Revenge needs you! Our Kickstarter is coming Tuesday, August 16th. Pre-register now to receive special updates and notifications when our Kickstarter goes LIVE. Don’t miss out on the epic rewards we have planned!


Chester Plushie

We have epic early-bird specials and other awesome rewards planned. Including physical copies of the game, a physical hardcover art book, and a limited-time Chester Plushie! Plus all sorts of incredible digital rewards. Registering is free and you will be notified when our campaign goes live. Check out some of our rewards and reward tiers below:

  • Limited Edition Official Chester Plushie. We’ll also be offering up a Sting Tooth Plushie as an add-on.
  • Physical Copy of the Game for the Console of your choice.
  • Hardcover “The Art of Revenge” Art Book.
  • Digital and Physical Official Soundtrack.
  • Set of Chester’s Revenge Trading Cards.
  • Character Art Posters.
  • Buttons, Stickers, and Pins.
  • Digital Reward: Write your own fully voiced character boss line.
  • Digital Reward: Build your own boss and level.



Play as Chester, a smart-mouthed guinea pig with an attitude who is hell-bent on a quest for revenge against the murderous Rad Ralph.

  • Inspired by modern classics such as Cuphead and traditional classics such as Mega Man, Chester’s Revenge is a retro-style 2d Shooter with a strong design emphasis on precision platformingintense combat, and epic boss fights. 
  • Claim your revenge and crush eight epic bosses across eight kickass platformer levels.
  • Chester’s Revenge was built using traditional 2d pixel art. We wanted to create a look and feel that comes right out of the SNES era.
  • Rock out to an epic 8-bit Chiptune Tradtionial Soundtrack that will melt your face off and take you right back to the ’80s.
  • Every boss character is fully voiced and has its own unique character and backstory.
  • Bonus Stage Publishing will be releasing Chester’s Revenge on Steam in addition to NintendoSony, and Microsoft home consoles.



Eight Planned Bosses!

Blast your way through eight epic bosses on your quest to retrieve the Sacred Carrot and claim your vengeance! Take them down one by one in any order you choose. Chester’s Revenge is presented in a non-linear fashion.





All of the artwork in Chester’s Revenge is expertly and professionally made by a team of amazing artists. Each and every character goes from concept to illustration to pixel art. The first step of the character process is performed by the talented Caleb Chapman.

Once completed, we send the character sheets over to our incredibly talented pixel artist, Tuan Le. From there, Tuan will create and animate each character pixel by pixel and frame by frame in traditional pixel art. The final result is an authentic retro look and style that comes right out of the 16-bit era.




The Art of Revenge


Included in our list of awesome add-on rewards is the hardcover art book entitled “The Art of Revenge”. The book will have beautiful hand-drawn art for all of the game’s boss characters and locations. Including new lore and background information. Don’t miss out on this limited-time-only collector’s item.





For Chester’s Revenge, we chose to make a blistering 8-bit Chiptune Soundtrack heavily inspired by Mega Man. Composed entirely by the incredibly talented Charles Castonguay, we can assure you that our boss tracks will rock your face off.



Free Demo Now LIVE!

Our free two-boss gameplay demo is now LIVE on Steam for Steam Next Fest. Wishlist Chester’s Revenge now on Steam to download the demo. Square off against both the menacing Sting Tooth and always dangerous Drago Dinn.




Take control of Chester the pig as you avenge your herd and set out to retrieve the Sacred Carrot. Armed only with his trusty hand cannon, Chester must battle his way through Rad Ralph’s lieutenants in an over-the-top style revenge romp to reclaim the Carrot and stop Rad Ralph from world domination.

Chester’s Revenge is a heart-pumping, fast-paced action game inspired by old and modern classics such as Cuphead, Mega Man, and Metal Slug. By combining our love of retro games, cheesy 80’s action heroes, and challenging multi-phase boss encounters, we’ve created a fresh unique experience. 



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